This Book will lead you into healing, empowerment and wholesome restoration that will position you to thrive and excel after a divorce or any life-altering, traumatic loss. It provides proven solutions based on godly truth and coupled with the Author’s true stories and experiences. She has applied it to her own life and has seen it work successfully in many others. If you are battling depression, low self-esteem, anger, unforgiveness, confusion, fears or other unhealthy feelings, you are not alone, there is HOPE. Available in Paperback and eBOOK.



HOPE After Divorce is a step by step guide toward healing, restoration and complete transformation using proven godly principles. The Author shares her own intimate stories and those of others who have used these principles to heal holistically; mind, body and soul. This Book will empower you by helping you find your divine purpose, true identity and fill you with faith and courage to succeed and excel. HOPE After Divorce is for anyone who has never truly healed from the devastation of a divorce, traumatic loss or broken relationship. It does not matter how long it has been or if you are in a new relationship now, healing from your past hurts will enrich your present and your future. It will bring you peace and clarity and set you on a course for health and prosperity. HOPE is waiting for you!

About the Author
Lili Kristan is an International Entrepreneur, Humanitarian and Speaker. She is a licensed Minister and has been Executive Director of a non-profit organization for over 20 years. She owns multiple businesses and has been awarded multiple business and community awards for her extensive community service and excellence in business. She could be seen on the night time soap opera, “Dallas” as JR Ewing’s maid. She was on “Hotel” with James Brolin and Connie Selecca, “Santa Barbara”, TV Movies of the Week and hundreds of TV commercials in both English and Spanish. She has a global business that takes her to Dubai where her company is in partnership with The Royal Family of Dubai to build EcoTowers in The UAE. She has two sons and seven grandchildren. Those are her greatest accomplishments, she said in a recent interview. Today she helps support Children Shelters and Clinics in Colombia and Bolivia through the non-profit organization she founded over 20 years ago called J-Jireh Ministries, Inc. She has counseled many through the heartaches and devastation of divorce and her book, HOPE After Divorce will lead the reader to complete healing if they will take the steps necessary. She has a heart and a compassion for others that is so unusual and extraordinary that others are drawn to her instantly. She is filled with the unconditional love of God and that is what she teaches. Her center is The God of Hope and Love, Jesus Christ. That is the message she delivers and the standards she lives by. To contact or book Lili Kristan please go to HopeAfterDivorce.com and connect with her that way.


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