A Choice Encounter

In 2010, Greg Jones had a choice encounter where he was at work at The Phyllis Browning Company, and two walk-in clients came in requesting someone to help them see a few pieces of property for a potential children’s shelter.  Greg spent that afternoon showing those clients, Lili Kristan and Dan Lindblom, different properties, getting to know them and learning more about J-Jireh Ministries.

Greg remarks that that day was a turning point in his life.  Originally, from Kentucky, but moving across the United States and parts of Canada, Greg had spent 30 years working in the retail home center business. He admits that he had become a bit callous especially, in regards to gift giving and the commercialism of the Christmas Season.  However, after learning of the Christmas Shoebox program that J-Jireh Ministries was trying to start at that time his heart became softened.  He learned that ½ million children in South Texas are or are in need of a foster home.  He also learned that Bexar county and the surrounding counties did not have the facilities necessary to adequately help these children.  Greg felt compelled get involved and help J-Jireh Ministries in their efforts to help those children who literally could not help themselves in that year’s Christmas Shoebox Challenge.  That one opportunity to serve changed Greg.  He has now become an integral member of the J-Jireh team.

Working with J-Jireh Ministries

Greg is now a board member for J-Jireh Ministries, as well as a yearly Team Leader for the Christmas Shoebox Challenge.  In the time that Greg has been helping with the Christmas Shoebox Challenge, he has seen the program grow from delivering personalized Christmas gifts to children in 4 shelters in San Antonio to 35 shelters in and around San Antonio!  People close to Greg will tell you that he selflessly devotes most of the month of November and ALL of December to helping collect, wrap, organize and deliver Shoebox Christmas gifts to all the shelters working with J-Jireh Ministries and their Christmas Shoebox Challenge.

Greg has also helped in recruiting other loyal J-Jireh Supporters like Linda Rudd, Jackie Browning, Gary Wolff, The Jones Real Estate Group, Kim Ghez, Don Walker & Presidio Title.  These partners have contributed as team leaders in the Christmas Shoebox Challenge and also donated to open the Open Arm Children’s Shelter.  Greg would love to be able to find more contributing partners who could donate time, talent or treasure to J-Jireh Ministries’ cause.

Lessons Learned

Greg has observed over his years of service to J-Jireh Ministries, that the reason the Christmas Shoebox challenge has been so successful and grown is because it is different than other Christmas donation programs.  J-Jireh Ministries and Lili Kristan, delivers a message about the true meaning of Christmas and they allow families to participate in delivering and passing out the personalized children’s gifts.  When a family participates in this way, children and parents learn to appreciate one another and to be grateful for the many blessings they have in their lives.  Children learn how to give, nurture and encourage each other and have an increased desire to help others.

Greg truly feels like he has been blessed due to his involvement with J-Jireh Ministries. In business-his real estate team has grown, socially-he has connected with wonderful people he would never have met before, and personally, Greg’s heart has been changed!  He is more giving, more charitable, more aware of the angels that protect and guide us and better understands prayer and how to pray.

J-Jireh Ministries is so very indebted to the generosity of Greg Jones. He is a wonderful, good, kind man, whose love for giving back and helping makes him a Christlike example to us all.

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