Jones Team Wrapping Party
JJM Team Wrapping Party - 2017
Girls 4-6 gifts
La Vina Team gifts

Wrapping Parties

Christmas Shoebox Gift Challenge is rocking and rolling. To date, we have about 2,000 gifts and we have had 2 of our 4 Wrapping Parties thus far. The Jones Team had a great turn out; see photo below. 48 gifts were wrapped and filled and another 63 shoeboxes were wrapped and are ready for gifts. That’s 111 wrapped boxes plus a $50 donation. Great job to all who attended that Wrapping Party and those that donated gifts and cash.  Everyone was treated to the hospitality of Greg and Ann Jones and some delicious homemade chilli plus lots of other goodies. Yummmm. A big thank you to Greg and Ann Jones.

The JJM Team, headed by Lili Kristan has also had their Wrapping Party (see photo below). First-timers and experienced wrappers assisted in wrapping 54 shoeboxes and we received 42 gifts that day plus $400 dollars’ worth of donated toys and necessities to be used in our gifts. A spread of food to nibble on was provided and everyone made an impact on our overall goals.

Last year, we served 39 Shelters, Foster Placement Agencies, Ministries and Organizations and gave away almost 3,000 custom filled shoebox gifts. This year our goal is to collect and present 4,000 gifts and raise $50,000 for our new Open Arms Foster Placement Agency.

In addition to the Shelters and Organizations we have already committed to, we have also adopted 2 churches from Rockport and 6 churches from Houston whose families have lost dearly because of Hurricane Irma, some have lost everything. We will be providing gifts for children and teens, from infant to 17 years of age, to ease the burden and help with healing and recovery. All the gifts stay in Texas and most are delivered in and around San Antonio and our Hill Country. I assure you, every gift brings healing and love.

How can YOU help?

Join one of our great Teams in collecting gifts and donations.

Donate online today!

Help with sorting, packing or labelling the gifts.

Help with providing supplies and toys.

Gifts and donations are accepted year-round but for this Christmas, please have your shoebox gifts ready no later than December 5th. They must be inspected, labelled, assigned and delivered before December 23rd.

Contact Lili at to get connected or receive dates when you can come by our Christmas Workshop to volunteer some time or to receive a Poster for your church, workplace or group.

Thank You for your generosity and amazing support for neglected children. May the Spirit of Christmas infuse all that we say and do.


A Round of Applause For Our Supporter Puerta de Restauración

Puerta de Restauración and Pastor Rafael Gutiérrez have been, one of the many, fantastic supporters that J-Jireh Ministries has had the opportunity to work with.  This church has “adopted” Open Arms Children’s Shelter as one of their Home Missions and financially supports our cause monthly.


Puerta de Restauración’s involvement with JJM has awakened their awareness of the children in need in and around the San Antonio area.  Puerta de Restauración feels caring for the orphans is something that the Lord, Jesus has called each of us to do.


Puerta de Restauración donated over 150 gifts to our Christmas Shoebox Challenge and is looking forward to the opportunity to support our challenge again this year. 

Puerta de Restauración has appreciated working with leaders within J-Jireh Ministries, like Lili Kristan.  They have found her motivation and passion inspires them to continue to reach higher and give more freely.   

Puerta de Restauración is also anxiously awaiting the opportunity to help with the Open Arms Shelter that J-Jireh Ministries has planned to open.  They know there are many people who are looking for an opportunity to participate in this worthy cause and in a more ample way.  If you, or any one you know would like to donate to help J-Jireh Ministries establish the Open Arms Children’s Shelter, please click HERE.


“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.”

-Ronald Reagan

Jackie Browning pic
Birdie4Charity-Jackie (1)
Birdie4Charity-Jackie (1)
Excited Children

Birdies for Children

Every year the Valero Texas Open raises millions of dollars for worthy causes through their Birdies for Charity program. This year, Open Arms Children’s Ranch was one of those worthy causes and because of the generous supporters that stand behind JJM, we have received a check to help abused and neglected children. We thank, love and sooooo appreciate the great people that partner with us.

Jackie Browning-Olsen spearheaded our Birdies for Children Campaign and we received a check for $17,239.04 for Open Arms. A fantastic job, Jackie! With her help, next year will be even greater.

If you love golf and want to help heal children with the love of Christ, please connect with us at Share your ideas or volunteer your time to help us grow. Ask about becoming one of our Open Arms Ambassadors. We will kick off our 2017 Birdies for Children Campaign in the Fall. Click here to donate and collaborate with us. Trust me when I say that so much more will come back to you in return. JJM holds a gold profile on Guide Star and we have been serving our community for over 23 years.


“A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.” Proverbs 11:25

“The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.” ~Vince Lombardi



IMG_3901 (1)


This past Christmastime, a donor stepped up from our Shoebox Christmas Program. They were participating in the program via their office building and had enrolled their company to participate. Initially, their goal was to contribute to the shoeboxes as one of their many donation collections they run that time of year.

As they prepared to share the program details with their employees they attended an informational meeting. In this meeting, they talked about things to give in the shoeboxes, such as personal care items, combs, toothbrushes, and more. But they also talked about how many kids the shoeboxes would help- 3,000. In this meeting, they learned that there are over 6,000 homeless children in Bexar County. A shockingly high number for anyone’s backyard.

After the meeting, the owners, Candy & Ajay Gupta decided to give their annual donation of $10,000 all to Open Arms Children’s Shelter. We were able to catch up with Candy recently to ask her a few questions about her donation. Here is what she had to say:

“Every year we donate to causes that we are passionate about, and thisyear we learned just how big the homeless children population in Bexar County is- we felt compelled to do something about it. Many of our employees got involved as well. Some contributed time for the Christmas Shoebox challenge, other’s donated shoeboxes, and other’s have volunteered time to other areas.

Participating in the Shoebox program gave me an opportunity to spend family time preparing shoeboxes and teaching my son about the importance of giving. It’s great tradition to start with families to remember how fortunate most people are and to appreciate what we have. We’re definitely planning on participating again.”

Thanks to Stirista and the Gupta’s for their continued and generous support. It’s donors like this that make our work possible and for that, we are truly grateful.

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If you like to learn more about how to donate to JJM, the Christmas Shoebox Program, or the Open Arms Children’s Shelter, please click here.