It's That Time Of Year Again!

Christmas Shoebox Gift Challenge is rocking and rolling. To date, we have about 2,000 gifts and we have had 2 of our 4 Wrapping Parties thus far. The Jones Team had a great turn out; see photo below. 48 gifts were wrapped and filled and another 63 shoeboxes were wrapped and are ready for gifts. That’s 111 wrapped boxes plus a $50 donation.

Great job to all who attended that Wrapping Party and those that donated gifts and cash. Everyone was treated to the hospitality of Greg and Ann Jones and some delicious homemade chilli plus lots of other goodies. Yummmm. A big thank you to Greg and Ann Jones.


To love God by serving and empowering others. To teach the love and principles of Jesus Christ and His plan of Salvation and Discipleship. We do this by establishing new and supporting existing Shelters, Job and Life Skills Centers, partnering with other like-minded non-profits and by teaching Entrepreneurial skills and Sustainability.


Thank you for your interest in J-Jireh Ministries. Our website will give you a great overview of what we are doing in local communities and in the World at large. We are Marketplace Ministers, helping businesses and entrepreneurs, supporting other worthy causes and creating sustainable revenue generation for qualified non-profits. We are COLLABORATORS, INNOVATORS AND PEACE MAKERS. Partner with us and you will be investing in a commitment to do good, do the right thing and save lives. We have been around since 1994 – we have a proven history of that. Connect with us and please share our site with others. Success to you…..

J-Jireh Ministries is on a mission to love and empower others to achieve their highest and greatest destiny.