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Over 23 Years Of Service

Over 23 Years Of Service

JJM began in 1994 with a heart and passion for helping others and that fire continues to burn brightly.

Our Local Hero Program has a history of over 15 years in schools and churches making a positive impact through music, art and community service. It has been recognized by two major awards, The Jefferson National Award and The Imagineer’s Award, for its exemplary service and through hundreds of other media outlets. We have also earned a Platinum Seal of Transparency from GuideStar and an exemplary seal from Great Non-Profits. Other programs offered through JJM are Computers With a Purpose, which refurbishes donated computers and laptops to be used by foster teens in their pursuit of higher learning and our program to provide shoes to the needy called Soles for Souls.

Our Christmas Shoebox Gift program has provided over 100,000 custom and personalized gifts over the years to children and teens living in Shelters and Foster Homes. These are the abused, neglected and often forgotten ones. Our Shoebox gifts are truly an instrument that helps the healing process in each recipient. Over the years, we have seen incredible transformations that take place because of our gifts, volunteers and personalized attention and prayers given to each child.

The Fountain of Life Clean Water Project, Soles for Souls Shoe program and our H.O.P.E. Conferences have served many with clean water, new shoes and great hope.

Because of the tremendous need, our focus is now in establishing Open Arms Home, a Transitional Shelter for teens that have aged out of foster care. Over the three decades of years we have served over 350,000 children, teens and families and we have just begun. The best is yet to come. Connect and partner with us and let’s serve God by serving others together. The rewards and blessings received by the Givers, Donors and Volunteers far out weigh what we could ever give. Contact us today and let’s plug you in.

“I have been working with JJM for about seven years now and I can unequivocally connect some very tangible blessings for my business, family and personal life because of my direct connection to Lili Kristan and the amazing work that is done by her and everyone that comes together for this cause. I highly recommend it and can assure you that you will receive more than you will ever give.”

~ D. Lindblom

As mentioned above, our primary focus right now is to build Open Arms Home which will provide housing for teens that have aged out of Foster Care. As soon as they age out, most of them lose their support system. Many do not have family support to speak of. Without loving adults in their corner, these teens have no voice and a difficult future, at best. We can be their advocates and provide safe and loving environments where teens will be taught to not only survive but thrive.

We have investment opportunities for those that wish to invest in Open Arms Home and receive a very attractive return on their investment (ROI). Please contact Lili Kristan if you wish to learn more about that win-win opportunity.

JJM has been recognized by TV, Newspaper, Magazines and Radio over the years and above is just a small sampling of that. We are committed to making a positive impact and securing productive futures for the most vulnerable children and teens in our society……you can help make that happen. Support JJM in our efforts and bring about the changes we need for tomorrow in our children today. THANK YOU for your support.